A psychological assessment may be suggested for diagnostic clarity to ensure an accurate mental health diagnosis and the patient is receiving the appropriate mental health treatment. Additional reasons for a psychological assessment include pre-bariatric surgical evaluations, changes to attention, concentration, or memory, dementia screenings, career assessment, personality assessment, medical issues, bonding assessments, and additional assessments.


An intake appointment, typically lasting at least 90 minutes, will be scheduled where I can gather historical information from you. We will discuss any concerns you may have, what you hope to get from completing an assessment, and any other questions. Once we agree that a psychological assessment is appropriate, we will schedule another appointment which typically lasts 4-6 hours. A third appointment will be scheduled where we will discuss the results and recommendations.

Who is performing the assessment?

I will be performing the assessment, scoring each assessment, and completing the report. I have extensive training and experience completing psychological assessments and services are rendered consistent with the American Psychological Association ethical guidelines.

What next?

During the third appointment, we will discuss the results and you will be provided a copy of the report. With your consent, I can send the report to another provider to aide in your treatment and future.

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