I provide psychotherapy to adult clients. Psychotherapy may be appropriate for an individual who may be struggling with recurrent sadness, difficulty adjusting to life stressors, recurrent worry/stress, hopelessness, or someone interested in making changes to their life. Often, psychotherapy can assist in personal growth and obtaining a better understanding of why you do the things you do.

What happens during therapy?

One of the most important things in therapy, is trust. The client must trust the therapist in order to work through difficult memories, feelings, or thoughts. Although more difficult for others, trust usually develops over the course of multiple meetings and at a consistent time. Consistency is important as this is likely to reduce feelings of worry, stress, or fear. During the session, the client may discuss stressors, issues in relationships, issues at work, anger, problematic thoughts or behaviors, or anything the client wishes to discuss. My role in the therapeutic process is to guide you as you explore, acknowledge, process, and move forward from thoughts, feelings, or behaviors which may have hindered your personal growth.

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